Living Lightly On the Earth 2010 Alabama Sierra Club Retreat

Hosted by Coosa Valley Group
Desoto State Park Nov. 5 – 7
Exciting programs and activities! Some meals will feature local foods.
Retreat registration and lodging will be Separate – watch mail & website for form.
Limited Space – make lodging reservations by calling 1-800-568-8840 Double rooms $76/night Chalets and cabins (sleep 4) $128/night Camping also available.


October 2010

Vacation Ends for Mussels

Living River: Taking care of this Earth that God has given us.
A volunteer team of environmental experts gathered at Living River the morning of November 2009 to make sure some residents of the Cahaba River weren’t disturbed by upcoming construction. Mussels and snails were taken from the canoe launch site and relocated upstream. The relocation – required by the Corps of Engineers – was successful, with nearly 200 mussels (10 different species) and more than 6,000 snails finding a new home.
Now the mussels are back home.

With completion of canoe launch construction the team reconvened last month to relocate, identify, count and measure mussels. Living River is playing an important role in the conservation and the long-term stewardship of the Cahaba River. And it’s just the beginning.

At Living River, our Environmental Center will have a lot of aquatic focus using the Cahaba River, globally recognized for its biodiversity and locally crucial as a fresh water resource, as the classroom. Programs offered through the Living River Environmental Center will build on the site’s tremendous access to a waterway as much of interest to professional scientists as to young learners. They will also touch the old hardwood trees and listen to owls at night. Students will have the opportunity to grasp concepts of interconnectedness and stewardship in a vivid and transformational setting.
Environmental education programs at Living River will fill an important need: waiting lists are long for school groups and educators seeking to take part in hands-on environmental learning programs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the highly acclaimed Camp McDowell Environmental Center. In a joint venture, we are creating Living River’s environmental education program that will compliment Camp McDowell’s and they will be developed and directed by Environmental Education Director Matthew Miller, who brings to this role a master’s in environmental science and nearly twenty-five years of leadership experience in environmental education and conservation.

By implementing good practices in our occupation of the site, we can be part of the forces protecting the remarkable biodiversity of the river. By teaching those who come to Living River about the river’s importance, we may be able to effect even greater change while taking care of the gift that God has entrusted to us. Living River: Caring for creation.
Be part of the Living river story. Join our journey to build this sacred space. Call us 205.978.0320 or email to find out how you can help.