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Alabama Sierra Club Contacts

Alabama Chapter

Chair  John Ackerman, 334-361-4732 

Vice-Chair Bob Hastings,  334-491-0780

Secretary     David Underhill  251-599-8699

Treasurer & Def erred Giving Chair  David Norwood  334-281-9479

Endangered Species Chair   Tom Hodges  256-582-2593

Conservation Chair/Environmental Education Chair Jon Nee 205-901-7896

Membership Chair   Leslie McDonald  251-414-3523

Newsletter Coordinator   David Newton   334-821-9817

Computer Committee Chair  David Norwood  334-281-9479

Inner City Outings Chair   Margo Rebar  205-970-6500

Outings Chair   Tom Burley  256-883-4267

Chapter Webmaster   Mikako Kawai  205-823-8306

Newsletter Editor   Joe Watts   205-930-9142

Alabama Coastal

Chapter Delegate & Secretary  Sonja Sanders   251-543-1030

Vice-Chair    Paul Barefield   251-540-7727

Treasurer    Robert Adair   251-437-1147

Publicity & Membership Chair  Sonja Sanders  251-543-1030

Cahaba Group

Chapter Delegate &  Chair   Lois Lambert  205-637-3384

ICO Chair    Margo Rebar   205-970-6500

Treasurer    Jeannine Dorroh   205-413-4783

Conservation Chair   John Latham  205-870-8974

Membership Chair   Open
Outings Chair   Open 
Programs & Publicity Chair  Open

*Please contact Cahaba Chair at 205-637-3384 or
if interested in volunteering.

Coosa Valley Group

Chair and Chapter Delegate   Peggie Griffin   256-538-9444

Vice Chair     David Fincher

Secretary & Hospitality Chair  Cindy Garrison
  Cindy   256-442-8790

Treasurer     Steve Garrison    256-442-8790

Conservation & Hospitality Chair      Lawrence Rives    256-878-3045

Outings Chair      Helena Uber-Wamble   205-353-5972

Membership Chair    Larry Parker   678-557-1008

Newsletter Editor   Terre Lee  256-523-7477

Mobile Bay

Chapter Delegate   Mike Stratas   251-654-1982

Chair    David Underhill   251-599-8699

Vice Chair    Carol Adams-Davis  702-496-5050

Secretary & Program Chair   Walter Simon

Treasurer & Fundraising Chair  Leslie McDonald   251-414-3523

Environmental Education CoChairs  Chester McConnell
Dorothy McConnell   251-626-7804

Political Chair    Leslie McDonald

Webmaster & Outings Chair  Kevin Marek   251-928-6231


Chapter Delegate    Dick Short  334-279-3188

Chair     John Ackerman   334-361-4732

Vice-Chair    David Norwood  334-281-9479

Secretary    Fred Shaw   334-277-3237

Treasurer     Lynn Shaw   334-277-3237

Conservation Chair   Bob Hastings   334-491-0780

Outings Chair   Roger Wolczek   334-361-7354

North Alabama

Chair & Chapter Delegate   Mirko Rakigjija  772-8548

Vice Chair    Judy Burley    883-4267 

Secretary     Linda Griffin

Treasurer    Sam Denham  256-539-1033

Conservation Chair   Doug Horacek   256-772-6788

Legislative      Charlie Cohen

Membership    Dave Kostowny

Fundraising Chair   Charlotte Buening

Outings Chair   Tom Burley    256-883-4267

Publicity    Sandy Kiplinger   256-498-1023

Political Chair      Joe Imhof    

Tuesday Hikes    Nancy Dudney

Newsletter Editor   Jack Drost   256-880-2644

Webmaster   Steven Baty

Southeast Alabama

Chair    Michael Mullen   334-566-4860

Vice Chair     Michelle Bende  334-393-3946

Secretary    Glenn Cohen  334-566-9904

Treasurer    Neil Billington

Conservation Chair   Paul Stewart  334-807-0152

West Alabama

Chair    Carol Myers   205-556-4584

Vice-Chair     Edie Heine   205-330-5842

Secretary    Peter Visscher   205-339-3690

Treasurer    Ethel Morris   205-391-9175

Local Foods Group Chair   Ann Hewitt  205-331-6263

Phone Tree Coordinator   Jean Henderson  205-556-6543

Membership Chair   Sharon McLean 205-758-9765

Membership Co-chair    Joan King   205-752-6037

Newsletter Editor & Webmaster  Steve Ginzbarg   205-752-0181

Conservation Chair   Elizabeth Motherwell   205-454-4321

Legislative Chair   Gabriella Merriman   205-758-5489

Outings Chair   Dexter Duren 

Outings Co-Chair   Curtis Hallman  205-371-4338