Energy Efficiency: South Could Save Billions

Aggressive energy efficiency measures could create 380,000 new jobs in 16 southern states over the next 10 years. Such measures, focusing on residential, commercial and industrial sectors could also generate $41 billion in electric bill savings. These findings from researchers at Duke University and Georgia Institute of Technology were released in a report yesterday.

Check out the report for state by state break downs of the opportunities.

from Sierra's Climate Crossroads

How to Train Your Wrigglies

Worm bins are a great way to turn food waste from your kitchen into high-quality compost for your garden. Some people get very attached to the industrious little red worms who do the dirty work. But before you begin your own adventure in vermiculture, check out the starter tips posted in the "I Love to Garden!" group on Climate Crossroads.

Do you know whether your worms will thrive equally well on oranges as on bananas? We've got the answer.

from Sierra's Insider

Two Top Ten Lists from the Lazy Organic Gardener

With spring coming, Brian, the Climate Crossroads Curator, asked me to write up some tips for getting started gardening. I hesitated at first, saying that giving tips implies expertise, which I've never pretended to have, and entrusts me with authority and responsibility I don't necessarily want or deserve. But what the hell. I do want to encourage people to garden. In keeping with my "lazy" brand, however, I'm not promising any research or fact-checking here, nor will I refund your wasted time if the tips don't pan out. Caveat emtor and all that — note: that's the last Latin you're going to see from me today. I'm not looking up any scientific names of plants.

read the whole article on the "I Love to Garden" blog on Climate Crossroads.

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May 2010

Sierra Club Outings

Don't miss a chance to really get outside, meet like-minded folks and reconnect with old friends. Come join us on the trail, in the water or just out for a stroll down the street! more>>>

Mike Bailey tending his chickens on Deer Field Farm.

May on the Farm

By Peggie Griffin

I’m sitting here writing this article in April – thinking about what is special about the May growing season – I immediately had visions of red juicy strawberries.  There are already little green berries on the strawberry plants in our garden.  I covered them last night, as it was an especially cool night.  We just used the last of the strawberries from the freezer and are ready to get those fresh farm strawberries in the freezer for the next year.

Now is the time to find out who is growing strawberries near you.  You can go to or to and click on UPick farms.

Farm of the Month:  Deer Field Farm
Many of you have seen pictures of this lovely farm, as it was the setting for two of our Wild and Rural Art Show postcards.  Deer Field Farm is owned and operated by Mike and Alison Bailey in Ashville, Alabama. more>>>

Living River Field School: Living Streams: The Ecology of the Cahaba River

Imagine that you are sitting quietly along a stream on a warm summer morning a sandstone boulder serving as your chair. A light breeze disturbs the sycamore and river birch leaves above your head.  A Kingfisher calls as it flies along following the stream in the morning air. As you watch the clear water wash over the rocks you notice Mayflies buzzing above the shoreline. A butterfly dances in the air around a patch of wildflowers and you find yourself wondering how it all connects. more>>>

The Environmental Film Festival at Earth Day Mobile Bay 2010 was hosted by the Mobile Bay Group Sierra Club

The Mobile Bay Sierra Club presented 5 diverse and thought-provoking films, which celebrate the wonder of the natural world and illuminate the growing challenges to life on earth. These acclaimed feature length documentary films were shown throughout Earth Day Mobile Bay 2010 under the big tent, at the Fairhope Pier South Park on Saturday, April 24th, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00p.m.

The Film Festival’s featured films included The End of the Line, American Experience: Earth Days, Blue Gold (World Water Wars), Coal County, and The Cove, and the festival’s mission was to raise awareness, and stimulate individual and community action for a more sustainable environment.

Organic popcorn was served to all Earth Day attendees, who enjoyed the film festival. Scattered showers throughout the day ensured large audiences taking shelter and enjoying the film presentations.

The Mobile Bay Group Sierra Club hopes that everyone in our area will join us at all Sierra Club film presentations to gain fresh insights, through the power of film, into the problems and the progress being made to protect life on our planet. The Mobile Bay Sierra Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at 5 Rivers Delta Center on the Mobile Bay Causeway. Please contact 702 496 5050 or with any questions that you might have.


Sierra Club Activist Wins Prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize

Michigan farmer Lynn Henning recognized with $150,000 international prize for her work to protect water and communities from factory farms

SAN FRANCISCO -- Michigan farmer and Sierra Club activist Lynn Henning has been awarded this year's prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, considered the "Nobel prize for environmental activism." Henning took action after concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO's) began polluting the water near the 300-acre corn and soybean farm she works with her husband in Lenawee County. Over the last decade she has become a leading voice calling on state and federal authorities to hold these livestock factory farms accountable to water and air quality laws.

"Lynn Henning represents the soul of grassroots activism," said Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. "Faced with a threat to her community's environment, Lynn organized with her neighbors and pushed successfully to hold the polluters accountable. This is a thrilling day for the Sierra Club family."


Notes from Around Alabama's Sierra Club Groups

The Montgomery Group went to Auburn University on April 10th to support their Earthfest Celebration.  John, Kim, and Shannon Ackerman along with Dave Newton and Michael Barbour all helped out.  It was a lot of fun getting to talk with the War Eagles of Auburn and share Earth Day with them!  Thanks!

The Coosa Valley Group: In March Cindy Lowery came to talk about Saving Energy by Saving Water - It has been said that "water is the oil of the 21st Century".  She reminded us that we learned during the drought of 2007 that we can no longer take our precious water resources for granted.  She also showed us how saving water can save energy and money by saving water in our own backyards (and homes).  more>>>

Living Lightly On the Earth 2010 Alabama Sierra Club Retreat

Hosted by Coosa Valley Group
Desoto State Park Nov. 5 – 7
Exciting programs and activities! Some meals will feature local foods.
Retreat registration and lodging will be Separate – watch mail & website for form.
Limited Space – make lodging reservations by calling 1-800-568-8840 Double rooms $76/night Chalets and cabins (sleep 4) $128/night Camping also available.