Just a Few Sierra Club Outings Next Month.

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Cahaba Group

Sat. July 3. Come on this hike and see one of the great wilderness areas we have here in Alabama. we will do some creek walking and swim in some falls in a pretty area of Alabama. wear sturdy shoes and clothes you can get wet and bring a float to slide on the falls, lunch, water, sun lotion, bug spray (just in case) and dry clothes you can wear home. we will go for an optional dinner after the hike in Double Springs Ala.

Coosa Valley Group

Thursday, July 8. Herbal Medicine in Your Backyard.
July brings us a speaker with some good tips on local herbs and their many uses. Jim Smith will be speaking on "Herbal Medicine in Your Backyard" about plants you see every day that you may not know can be valuable to your health.

Montgomery Group

Sat. 7/17. Canoeing the Little Escambia: Cool water on a hot summer day! 08 a.m. Prattville Target Highway 65: Exit 179 Moderate

North Alabama Group

Tuesday, July 13 – Monte Sano Evening Hike. Easy.
Depart at 6pm from the Monte Sano State Park Hiker’s parking lot. There is a small fee to enter the park. All dogs must be on a leash in the park. Although not strenuous, all hikes may be vigorous. For directions or questions please contact Ken Shrider at 256-772-9442.

West Alabama Group

Sat. July 24. Bear Creek Canoe Run
Want to find a "cool" way to enjoy the outdoors during the hot summer?? Come and float the cool waters of Bear Creek!With some of the best canoeing in Alabama,Bear Creek has a guaranteed flow each weekend sufficient for good canoeing. The 4 hour canoe float is $40 per canoe rental.If bringing your own canoe a $10 shuttle fee is charged.Cash or check only is accepted for payment. Meet at Northport Civic Center (West Side) at 8:00 a.m. Participants must call Dexter Duren at 205-393-0927 for reservations.

July 2010

Sierra Club, Gulf Restoration Network Challenge Phony BP Oil Disaster Cleanup Plan

BP said it could clean up 20 million gallons of spilled oil a day

New Orleans, LA -- Earthjustice filed suit recently in federal court on behalf of Sierra Club and Gulf Restoration Network against the U.S. Minerals Management Service, challenging the agency’s arbitrary approval of BP’s oil spill clean-up plan.

The clean up plan was approved in July 2009 prior to the approval of the exploratory drilling plan. If successful, this legal challenge will result in a court ruling that Minerals Management Service’s approval of BP’s spill cleanup plan was illegal and a new plan needs to be crafted and approved before BP can do any more exploratory oil drilling.

In its spill plan, BP claimed it could contain any possible spill by vacuuming up over 20 million gallons of oil per day. BP’s actual recovery rate since the Deepwater Horizon explosion has turned out to be about two percent of that.

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"Other BP rigs in the Gulf are relying on the same deceptive response plan," said Earthjustice attorney David Guest. "BP’s clean-up story was as phony as a three dollar bill."

Earthjustice is representing the Gulf Restoration Network and Sierra Club in the lawsuit.  "BP promised they could drill safely. Their plan for cleaning up a spill turned out to be complete make-believe," said Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune. "We're now looking at the largest environmental disaster in American history, with no end in sight. BP cheated on safety plans, and the Minerals Management Service stood by and let them. We need to make sure the oil industry doesn't get away with this again."

BP’s uncontrolled spill in the Gulf of Mexico now covers over 10,000 square miles, stretching from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. The spill is approaching twice the size of the Exxon Valdez spill and could continue spewing crude into the Gulf of Mexico until August.
"To watch this spill move along the Gulf coast, wrecking marshes and beaches and fishing grounds, is truly horrifying," said Cynthia Sarthou of the Gulf Restoration Network. "Our federal regulators failed to watch out for all of us who depend on the Gulf of Mexico. If Minerals Management Service had done its job, and rejected BP’s unrealistic oil spill response projections, it would have compelled BP to prepare for the type of spill that is plaguing the Gulf today."

Earthjustice filed six other federal suits against Minerals Management Service last month. The first challenges the federal agency’s illegal exemption of oil drilling companies from critical safety and environmental requirements. The others challenge five deepwater exploratory drilling plans that were approved using the illegal exemption. Additionally, Earthjustice has filed a Freedom of Information Act petition aimed at uncovering what chemicals are in the dispersants being used to break up the oil spill.