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Alabama's Dangerous Streets - Transportation for America recently released a report titled "Dangerous By Design" looking at pedestrian deaths in American cities. The Birmingham Metro area ranked 8th worst nationally for the top 50 U.S. Metro areas, according to their "Danger index." Also in the report, other large Alabama Metro areas were scored, including Mobile, which had a pedestrian danger index nearly double that of Birmingham. To access the report visit:

Renew Our Rivers Recognized By Keep America Beautiful - For the seventh straight year Alabama Power's Renew Our Rivers program has been recognized by Keep America Beautiful. This year more than 5,500 volunteers participated removing more than 200 tons of trash and debris fro the state's lakes and rivers. For details visit:


January 2010

2010 Alabama Legislative Session

By David Newton with Adam Snyder
The next Regular Session of the Alabama State Legislature begins on Tuesday, January 12, which is earlier than most years, but 2010 is an election year.  Below are some comments on what we foresee during this session. 

Again in 2010, we expect Conservation Alabama to help in lobbying the Alabama Legislature.  Jeff Martin of Montgomery will be at the Alabama State House every day the legislature is in session.  Adam Snyder of Birmingham will join Jeff as necessary.  We certainly hope you will help.  You can (if you haven’t already) start now by getting to know your state representative and your state senator.  You can do this rather easily by making an appointment and meeting with them in your legislative districts.  For contact information of all Alabama State Legislators, visit  You don’t really need a specific bill to discuss.  You can just talk briefly about some of your legislative concerns. Also, as you know, the entire Alabama legislature will be voted on in 2010.  You can be absolutely certain that all incumbents who are running again will be interested in talking with constituents.  This is an opportunity you should not miss.

Some legislative measures we may see in 2010 include:

Those who sign up for Conservation Alabama’s weekly Hot List will receive updates (during the legislative session) on all the legislation we are following – from what happened in the past week  to what is expected the next week.  To sign up, visit and click on Action Center.

To be effective, democracy requires the participation of citizens.  Certainly, the Sierra Club has a history of participation in the democratic process.  As always, your help is appreciated.

(photo above:) Senator Wendell Mitchell (left) of Luverne and Representative Greg Wren of Montgomery, Co-chairs of the Alabama Permanent Joint Committee on Energy, preside at a recent meeting of the committee.