Hike Ratings
General Note: Saturday outings may take all day and last into early evening. The Sierra Club encourages carpooling to save fuel, but please be prepared to drive your own car on club outings.
Easy-Less than 5 miles, no serious elevation changes, no trail obstacles.
Moderate-5 to 10 miles, some elevation changes or rough trail (rock hopping), or trail obstacles such as creek crossings.
Strenuous- Over 10 miles, substantial elevation change (1000 ft or more), trail may be rocky, obstructed or nonexistent.
Exploratory - any event where the leader has not experienced the event, may fit any class above.

Global Warming: Endangerment Finding Final
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced yesterday that it finalized the finding that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases represent a significant threat to public health and welfare. Based on tens of thousands of public comments and years of work by EPA's career staff and scientists, this "endangerment" finding paves the way for regulatory action on global warming and gives the government a key tool to hold polluters accountable for their contribution to global warming. (from Sierra Currents)

Help the Endangered Beluga Whale Recover
The Cook Inlet beluga is an isolated and distinct population of beluga whale and one of the most endangered populations of marine mammals in the world -- only about 300 individuals remain. To give the beluga population a legitimate chance to recover in the face of increased oil and gas drilling, new proposed coal strip mines and port expansions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service has proposed designating more than 3,000 square miles of ocean as critical habitat for the highly endangered Cook Inlet population of the beluga whale.
(from Sierra Currents)


January 2010

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