EPA's Latest Guidance on Global Warming Pollution

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency issued the latest in several steps to reduce harmful global warming pollution.

Since a 2007 Supreme Court ruling required the EPA to regulate harmful greenhouse gases, the agency has been working to craft rules and guidelines to help states and businesses clean up pollution.

This latest guidance will help large pollution sources determine the best existing technologies to reduce emissions (Best Available Control Technology, or BACT).

"(This) guidance encourages a consistent process that will help minimize pollution in cost-effective ways," said Sierra Club Deputy Conservation Director Bruce Nilles. "It is not a one-size-fits-all standard, but rather, calls for pollution-reducing controls for each facility, taking into account what is achievable, as well as economically feasible."

December 2010

Chapter Awards for 2010

Each year the Chapter recognizes members who have served the Club in special ways by presenting awards at the annual Chapter Retreat. The following awards were presented this year:

David Norwood Award

Special appreciation award - Presented to David Norwood
David, as Chapter treasurer took on a difficult
position and is doing a fantastic job.

Volunteer leader of the year - Presented to Michael Stewart
For outstanding leadership of outings program
(shown above, Mirko Rakigjija accepting awards for Michael Stewart and Doug Horacek)

Michael leads a very successful Group outings program, 10 to 12 outdoor events a month, including short and all-day hikes, back packs, orienteering and canoeing. He held two training events this year, for day hike and back pack leaders. He always looks for ways to improve the outdoor experience of participants. The Group’s programs have resulted in attracting numerous younger members to the Sierra Club.

Conservationist of the year - awarded to Doug Horacek
For dedicated service to conservation in Alabama

Doug truly dedicates his life to conservation and environmental issues. He leads honeysuckle elimination events every quarter, leads monthly hikes focusing on plant recognition and preservation, and volunteers for various environmental events. In addition, he belongs to and participates in events of various local and regional environmental-related organizations where he is a great ambassador for the Sierra Club.

Carol Adams-Davis Award

Environmentalist of the year - Awarded to Carol Adams-Davis
For outstanding leadership and support of environmental activities in Alabama

Since the BP oil spill, Carol has been extremely active. She has studied all aspects of the BP oil spill and ramifications and is well informed on the subject. She has attended numerous public forums including those sponsored by BP, the Coast Guard, and environmental and academic groups, and through her knowledge and public speaking skills, has contributed to the continuing resolution of this crisis. In this capacity, Carol has proven to be an outstanding representative of the Sierra Club and has worked cooperatively with other groups including Mobile Bay Keepers in matters of mutual interest. 

Sierran of the year - Awarded to David Underhill
For Outstanding Leadership And dedicated Service to the Sierra Club in Alabama

David has also been extremely active since the BP oil Spill. He literally has put himself out front to bring attention to the public concerning issues that have not been covered by the media. These issues include the lack of transparency in the decision-making position of BP and the Coast Guard and their apparent unwillingness to accept community input. Through David's efforts, the BP command center in Mobile made overtures to involve the community including allowing an ad hoc committee to have access to the command center. David also serves as Chapter secretary and entertains us with his amusing writing style and mysterious sense of humor and wit.