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December 2009

Alabama Sierra Club 2009 Annual Retreat

About 1/3 of the participants participated in a Ropes Challenge course during which we learned to communicate verbally and non-verbally, brainstorm, problem solve, work cooperatively and just enjoy the moment. This activity was full of laughter and cheer! Some of the challenges we completed in remarkable time -- others, required much more strategizing and took a bit longer. See the pictures of some of the challenges (courtesy of Curtis Miyasaka). We also had a group who went to Cheaha Mountain to see several waterfalls and walk Alabama's highest point. They were having so much fun that they were late to dinner!

Saturday evening Dr. Jim Lacefield took us back 600 billion years to have a look at "Alabama's Lost Himalayas" and WOW, it was terrific! Dr. Lacefield provided us with a mesmerizing story of Alabama's unique geological formations. While I have always loved rocks and water, I have a new found appreciation and I can honestly say, I will never see an Alabama rock/mountain the same as I have in the past! Our state is even cooler than we knew! We had a special treat at 8:30 - a large campfire with roasting sticks, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers -- all of the makings for S'mores and were they ever enjoyed! It brought back the days of youth!

Sunday also started with yoga and breakfast then a tribute to Peggy. We then heard about Alabama's most progressive alternative fuel program. If you haven't heard about Hoover's biofuel program, go to the website and take a peak at the videos. It is something else for Alabama to be proud about. Jay Hudson followed with a beautiful slide show of Alabama's diverse and rare beauty, tempered with sobering statistics of losses occurring to our rich ecosystem. We concluded with a presentation of a new training and monitoring effort for Alabama's waterways.

Next years retreat will be at Desoto state park -- Hope to see you there and on the trails experiencing our state's rich beauty along the way!

Top Right: Mike Mullen presenting info. on Muddy Water Watch

Top Left: Adelaide Abele, Trainings Committee, Georgia/Alabama SPROG 2010 Fundraising Team: Spreading the word concerning the need for funds to have training sessions for the Student Sierra Coalition this summer. If enough funds can be raised, there will be sessions in both Georgia and Alabama.

Bottom Left: A tribute to Peggie Griffin, tireless Sierra Club activist.

Other photos show registration and several other presentations. See below for even more photos!

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 2010 Annual Retreat!


The Alabama Chapter's 2010 Annual Retreat
will be held

Friday-Sunday, November 5-7, 2010,

at Desoto State Park, near Ft. Payne.
The Coosa Valley Group is hosting the event.
Hope to see YOU there.