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"In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy." John Sawhill

Cahaba Group Newsletters
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Current Newsletter

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visit http://alabama.sierraclub.org/statenewsletters.html for an archive of all our newsletters!

Past Newsletters

March 2010 March on the Farm, Outings and Events, Information About Forever Wild, Sierra Club Contacts, News from Around Alabama, Thanks to John, Trails Commission, National Election, Annual Retreat 2010, more!
February 2010 Nature Notes, February on the Farm, Outings and Events, Save Forever Wild, EPA Petition, Sierra Club Contacts, Book Review, News from Around Alabama
January 2010 Nature Notes, January on the Farm, Outings and Events, 2010 Legislative Update, Sierra Club Contacts, Statewide Group Notes, Rosa Mine Update
December 2009 Annual Sierra Club Retreat recapt; Nature Notes; December on the Farm; Outings and Events; Statewide Group Notes; Time to Vote: Candidate Bios for Sierra Club ExCom; Sierra Club Contacts
November 2009 Annual Conference; Nature Notes, Last Print Newsletter; Council of Leaders Report; Rosa Coal Mine Story; Clean Energy Jobs Act; Wild Edibles Outing; Outings and Events; November on the Farm; Fish and Wildlife Plan; Sierra Club Contacts; Wild and Rural Show
October 2009 New Format! Annual Sierra Club Retreat; Nature Notes; October on the Farm; Outings and Events; Statewide Group Notes; Pinhoti Challenge Hikes; Sierra Club Contacts
September 2009 Rafting in Tennessee; Energy Policy; Nature Notes; Local Foods Group; Water Wars; Top 20 Airborne Cancer Risk List; New Oyster Reefs; Kids Need Trees Too; Outings and Events;September on the Farm; New Wilderness Area in TN?; Sierra Club Contacts; Annual Retreat Information
August 2009 MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL REMOVAL; Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S.; Mono Rail in Birmingham; Coal Ash Sites Disclosed; Solor Power Growing Fast; Outings and Events; August on the Farm; Forever Wild Moving Forward; Sierra Club Contacts; Summer Farm Tour
July 2009 Energy Legislation; A Trip to Jericho; Nature Notes; Power from the People; Enter the Funky Nest Contest; 21st Century Youth Corps; State of the Air Report; Outings and Events; July on the Farm; Boy Scouts Turning Green; Sierra Club Contacts; Summer Farm Tours
June 2009 Don't miss the extra page: This month has an extra page of information! Montgomery Group Goes to Cane Creek Preserve, Protect Our Water!; Coosa Valley Goes to Cloudland; Brushing Your Teeth with Seaweed; Stop Global Warming; Alabama’s BAD Air; Outings and Events; Our National Parks; Local Food Group Meeting; Smart Energy; Sierra Club Contacts; June on the Farm; Pinhoti Hike #6
May 2009 Energy Code, Cahaba Group Outing; River Heros Award; Public Lands Legislation; Lulu’s Honored; Fastest Growing Cities in Alabama; Headwaters: Alabama Rivers; Outings and Events; May on the Farm; Camp McDowell Adventures; Sierra Club Contacts; Outings Reports Around Alabama
April 2009 EMC limits members’ access to ADEM director; Nature Notes; Hike to Sougdahoagee Falls; Mobile Earth Day; SELC Names Week Bay Endangered; Elmore County Energy Program; The Bluebird Trail; Outings and Events; Freshwater Land Trust; April on the Farm; EPA to Rule on Global Warming; Sierra Club Contacts; The Pinhoti Challenge Saga
March 2009 JD Martin Preserve and Noccalula Falls; The Real Impacts of the Motorsports Park?; Nature Notes; Alternative Fuels; Eagle Watching Outing; Green Tips; Zero Waste Recommendation; Outings and Events; Gulf Gathering; March on the Farm; Did Your School Fail; Sierra Club Contacts; The Pinhoti Challenge
Feb. 2009 Green Gauge Report; State of the Bay Report; Christmas in Montgomery; Outings and Events; Gulf Gathering; Alabama Environmental Watchdog; Toxic Air in Alabama; Sierra Club Contacts; The Pinhoti Challenge.
Jan. 2009  
Dec. 2008 Cahaba Group Night Hike; Protect Streams from Mining; The Pinhoti Challenge; LNG Plan Withdrawn; Outings and Events; Lightbulbs Not Enough; December on the Farm; Sierra Club Contacts; Coosa Valley and the Bees; Calendar Recap.
Nov. 2008 Alabama Chapter Retreat; Cahaba Paddles the Coosa; Energy and Water Update; Watercress Darter Fish Kill; Wild and Rural Art Show; Outings and Events; Coldwater Creek Outing; November on the Farm; Sierra Club Contacts; Annual Retreat Registration; Tannehill Park Education
Oct. 2008 Wild and Rural Art Show; Alabama Chapter Retreat; Garbage and Global Warming; Gulf Dead Zone; Endangered Species Act Danger; Outings and Events; UofA Sustainability; October on the Farm; Sierra Club Contacts; Annual Retreat Registration; LNG AGAIN?
Sept. 2008 Legislative Meetings; September on the Farm; Alabama Chapter Retreat; Solar Display Workshop; Drilling for Oil; Wild and Rural Art Show; Coden Adventure; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
August 2008 Food Summit; August on the Farm; Water Saving Tips; Motor Sports Park in Mobile; Alabama Chapter Retreat; Seeds of Summer ICO Outing; High Gas Prices Save Lives?; Rock Hopping at the Pisgah Gorge; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
July 2008 2008 Legislative Wrap-up; Lighting a Greener Path for Seniors; Vulcan's Carbon Footprint; Lightbulb Parties; Cahaba Canoe Trip; Focus on Tuscaloosa; July on the Farm; Public Lands Day; Building a Rain Barrel; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
June 2008 West Alabama Attends Energy Summit; Positive Actions by the EMC; State Water Planning; Montgomery Group Fun; Mobile Bay Group Earth Day; Women's Fishing Event; June on the Farm; Hog Farm Bill Beaten; Land Trust Adds Acres; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
May 2008 River Action Day Success; Tom's Top 10 Hikes; Montgomery Water Festival; Alabama's Attractions; Scenic River Trail; And the Winner Is the Trees; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
April 2008 Lobbying Day; Alabama Legislation Hot List; website links; Award for Adair; Huntsville Named a Green City; Perry Lakes Park; Gadsden Group Meeting A Success; April on the Farm; Photography Workshop; ByCatch and Overfishing; The Hog Bill Returns; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
March. 2008 Volunteer Lobbyist Training; Focus the Nation Event; Letter from the New State Chair; New Group Starting in Gadsden; Getting Alabama to the Top of the Green List; Snake Proofing Your House; March on the Farm; Taking a Stand For Trees; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
Feb. 2008 Cancer Risk Reduction ruling; Ivory Billed Woodpecker retreat; ExCom; Energy Bill; Alabama Sturgeon; Five Mile Creek Greenway; Population Policy; 2007 Top Green Stories; Toxic Alabama Toads; Top Green Ideas for the New Year; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
Jan. 2008 Sierra Featured on Fox 6 News; Alabama Legislature Needs YOU!; Hurricane Creek Update; Cypress Action in Mobile; West Alabama Group Gives Green; Cloudland Canyon Hike ReCap; Northern Beltline Update; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
Dec. 2007 Wild and Rural Art Show Success; Forever Wild Adding Acres; Improving Alabama's Enviromental Score; Sustainable Fisheries; Coastal Cleanup; December on the Farm--Turnip Green Crepes!; State's Annual Awards and Retreat Wrap-up; Ex-Com Elections; Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
Nov. 2007 Citizen Legislative Advocacy: Why and How; Fishing Retreat Celebration; Dark Skies; West Alabama Visits 375 year old tree; Litter Patrol; Sustainable Fisheries; Cahaba River in National Sierra Report; November on the Farm; North Alabama "Chicks;" Outings and Events; Contacts, and more
Oct. 2007 Annual Retreat Registration, Speaker Bios and More; Report on the Local Foods Group in Birmingham; A Racetrack in Mobile?; Outings, Contacts and more (this is a jam-packed issue--don't miss it!)
Sept. 2007 Teacher Workshop, Sierra Needs You, Lead in Lincoln, SE Alabama Drought, Outings and Events, Sustainable Fisheries, September on the Farm, Sierra Club Contacts, Annual Retreat Registration
August 2007 Cancer Petition Fails, Legislative Report for 2007, Alabama Beach Mouse, More LNG Proposals, Folk School at Camp McDowell, B'ham Local Foods Coalition, August on the Farm-with recipe, Fishing Camps, Mass Transit, outings, Chapter Retreat, and more
July 2007 Chapter Annual Retreat, Cool Cities Crusade, Alabama Beach Mouse, NASA Blunders, Paddling the Bartram Trail, Cahaba Lily Festival, Port Proposal Dead, Alabama Ranks 46th in Energy Efficiency, outings, more
June 2007 Fishing Retreat, The Night Before Earth Day (a poem), North Alabama Land Purchases, Tuscaloosa Becomes a Cool City, Jenkins Brick Wins EPA Award, outings, more
May 2007 Attack on Fort Morgan, Living Shorelines, Hog Farm Bill Returns, Logging Threatens Cahaba Bottomland, ADEM weakening wetlands rules, outings, more
April 2007 Who Grows Your Food? Teacher Workshops, Earth Day at the Gardens, Mt. Rogers Backpack, The Cancer Coast, Global Warming Tour, Coastal Cleanup, outings, more
March 2007 Sustainable Agriculture, Coffeen Nature Preserve, Leader Training, Len Foote Hike, Forever Wild, Memorial to John Valin, Stop Elevated 280, outings, more
Feb 2007 Strategic Plan, Curbing Global Warming, Holiday parties, Bald Eagles, outings, more
Jan 2007 New Trail at Lake Martin, Gulf Coast news, Elevated 280?, Red Mountain Park, Borden Springs Hike, outings, more
Chapter Retreat report, awards, Nukes in Alabama?, Holiday recipes, Forever Wild, Eastern Trail, outings, more
Nov. 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, Clean Water Lawsuit Victory, Cool Cities, Cooking Locally, Mountaintop removal, more
October 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, Retreat, Water Testing, Climate Change, Coastal Birdfest, more
Sept 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, Cahaba Wildlife Refuge, Chapter Retreat, ADEM Permitting, more
August 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, Green Rebuilding, part 2, Hybrid CARavan, An Inconvenient Truth, more
July 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, Green Building, Montgomery Park, Public Lands Day, more
June 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, Inner City Outings, West AL Farm Day, Saving at the pump, more
May 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, Global Warming, Ruffner Mountain, LNG Mobile, more
April 06 Chapter Newsletter: statewide outings, Farm Tour, ANWR, Message to Riley & more
March 06 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, news and more
Feb 06 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, news and more
Jan 2006 Alabama Chapter Newsletter: outings, news and more
Nov/Dec 2005 Mini Newsletter/Calendar of Events
Sept 2005 Flooding in Jefferson County; Last Cahaba Newsletter
August 2005 Ebenezar Swamp; Sewer Indictments; State Newsletter
July 2005 Outings, Survey, Annual Retreat, Art Show and Wine Tasting
June 2005 Can We Have It All? Protecting the Cahaba River
May 2005 Homewood Forest Preserve; Bush Energy Policies
April 2005 Hazardous Waste Disposal Day; Coffeen Land Trust Meets; Forever Wild Safe, for now; more
March 2005 Bush Attacks Environment; Forever Wild in Danger; Chestnut Tree Making a Comeback; more
Feb 2005 Supersewer; Recycling Center; Dogwood Alliance; more
Jan 2005 Goodbye Paul; ADEM Reform; Supersewer Returns; Shelby Steps Up for Alabama's Wild Places; More!
Dec 2004 Cahaba Group Need You; Ex-Com Goals
Nov 2004 Sierra Calendars are in; Southern Hiker Magazine
October 2004 Chapter Retreat; October Outings; Volunteers Needed
Sept 2004 Model Cahaba Watershed Ordinances; Dirt Pile Update
August 2004 Local elections; Forever Wild; August Outings
July 2004
June 2004
Chemical Weapons; Annual Retreat; December Outings
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Highway 280 "Dirt Pile"; November Outings
(Note: Large file (820Kb) May take longer to open on slower connections)
Proposed River Center; Harvest Connection; October Outings
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