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"In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy." John Sawhill


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Protect Forever Wild Coalition Leadership

Senate expected to vote on Forever Wild this week

We've come this far. There is no turning back now. One more vote separates us from our goal of extending the Forever Wild program for another 20 years as-is. And that vote is expected to happen this week.

Forever Wild is set to expire next year unless we renew it. The House has passed the reauthorization bill, and now it is the Senate's turn. But votes are tight, and the future of the most successful program in Alabama's history hinges on the Senate voting to support HB126.

You've done a great job of letting your legislators know how you feel about Forever Wild. But your Senator needs to hear from you again personally - by phone, in person, or via e-mail - so that they know their constituents support Forever Wild. Time is of the essence as a vote is expected this week.

Action Needed:
Call, visit, or e-mail your state Senator today to tell them to vote YES on HB126 and renew Forever Wild for our children and grandchildren.

Deadline for responding:
Please take action by Tuesday, April 26, 2011.


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